I founded Tunememi Conservancy when I was nine years old to raise awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife and to encourage other kids to take action and make a difference. Since starting in 2019, I have raised and donated more than USD 12,000 to the conservation programs of endangered species and the scientific work of the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos Islands.

Sophie, 13 years old
Founder of Tunememi

I am always amazed by the incredible wildlife on our planet! While visiting national parks and nature reserves with my parents, not only do I learn from the naturalists the names and behavior of the animals (and plants) I see, I also become more aware of the consequences of human actions on our planet and the tremendous conservation efforts being done to control and revert the damages we have caused.

Learning while exploring. Lenin, a National Geographic-Lindblad Expeditions naturalist in the Galapagos, helping me search for waved albatrosses and their chicks on Española Island. I participated in the National Geographic Global Explorers program and learned a lot!

During a trip to the Galapagos Islands in 2017, I visited the Charles Darwin Research Station where I saw the preserved Lonesome George. He was the last giant tortoise from Pinta Island.

I felt very, very sad. I couldn’t believe that all the Pinta giant tortoises are now extinct because of us, humans! All the animals are precious and our planet is so beautiful so we should protect them.

Since then, I wanted to help and make a difference in the conservation and protection of endangered species in the Galapagos. I founded Tunememi on Endangered Species Day 2019 and through my campaign and thanks to the generous donors who supported me, I already raised and donated more than USD 12,000 for the scientific and conservation programs of the Charles Darwin Research Station. The funds have been used to assess the health of giant tortoises, tag penguins and research work and conservation of other marine birds such as waved albatrosses. Meeting the scientists of CDRS and learning more about conservation, I am more inspired than ever to continue my campaign.

That’s my story and I hope that you can support Tunememi!

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