Waved albatrosses, some of the biggest marine birds in the world

Waved albatrosses courting on Española Island, Galapagos

Waved albatrosses are among the biggest marine birds in the world. They go up to my waist and I couldn’t believe how big they were. They nest, breed and court each other on Española Island in the Galapagos, the only place in the world where they do this.

Critically endangered, the scientific work of the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) and Dr. Gustavo Jimenez, Senior Researcher at CDRS, are important for their conservation. I also learned a lot about the behavior of these majestic birds through the naturalists from Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic when I was onboard the National Geographic Endeavour II.

The latest funds I raised will go to the scientific research and conservation of the waved albatrosses. As individuals, we can also do our part by being mindful of our plastic waste. Plastic can go to the oceans and these beautiful birds can get tangled up in plastic or die from digesting it.

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